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Multiple Issues

  • Administrative process

  • Communication

  • Employee retention 

  • Sales-centric content

  • Content is heavily reliant on client

  • Weekly content plans instead of monthly content plans. 

  • Brand direction misalignment internally and externally.  


Improve ways of working

  • Produce monthly content plans with backup posts. 

  • Set up an excel schedule for deadlines, and follow-up in time. 

  • Conduct competitor research for brand plans. 

  • Introduce more content pillars. 


  • Lack of cooperativeness. 



I realised I was dealing with busy people. Social media content is the last thing on their priorities list. 

Every month we had a standard analytics reporting meeting. 

  • Introduce a kickstart meeting to share content ideas instead of asking via email. 

  • Recommend types of content on the basis of data analytics.

  • Allow for informal instant communication such as WhatsApp. 

  •  Create a universal online working document for everyone to work on, and for client to see the work in progress, past work and past performance.


Better ways of working

  • It started with a bi-weekly, to a monthly, 100% approved content plan.

  • 70% fewer administrative issues. 

  • Better brand transformation. 

  • Better communication.

  • An average of 80% increase in cross-network impressions and engagements. 

Data Highlights 

Since 1 April 2021



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