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Too Much Focus On Product

When I started working on Twinsaver, one of the challenges was their lack of content diversification. Their content was product-heavy.

The role of social media is not to sell but to build brand awareness and cement your brand in consumers' minds to influence their purchase decisions. 


More content pillars

My task was to propose diversified content that South Africans could relate to. 

  • Content pillars

  • South African Trends

  • South African languages; Skhaftin Tips, Kota Recipes, Biryani Recipes, Braai Competitions.

  • Best social media practices include short video marketing, aesthetics, and short copy. 


Data-driven Content Strategy

Every month, I research what is trending on social media and see how we can leverage social media trends with the Twinsaver Brand to build brand awareness. 

I compile and present analytics reports with recommendations to internal teams and external stakeholders such as clients, Brand Managers, and Marketing Managers. 

We use the data as a foundation for the following month's content strategy.


Results!!! +107 increase in impressions!! 

Since using this content strategy, there has been a 107% increase in impressions, and a 28% increase in the number of leads and traffic generated for the Twinsaver website. 

Data Highlights 

Since 1 April 2021


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