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Why an MBA?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022


As a young black woman in this new democratic South Africa, I’ve always been a firm supporter of education and becoming a career-driven young woman. If you had told me ten years ago that I would become a qualified, agile and experienced marketer, I would have laughed in disbelief. Media has been my primary passion; however, transitioning from traditional media to digital media sparked a broader interest in all things digital, specifically, digital marketing.

Strategic Marketing

After obtaining my Honours degree in Marketing Management, I felt that I knew much more about marketing than management. Knowing both is very important because management should form part of strategic marketing and understand how your marketing strategy affects other arms of business such as supply chain, finance, human capital, and economics.

Best Strategists can funnel their thinking and understand strategy formulation in a broader sense to the nitty-gritty of implementation.

Career Growth

My primary reason was career progression within marketing and business in a broader sense. Marketing strategy being my fundamental career focus, it made sense to me to study further to a Master's level to equip myself for further growth. One might argue that experience in marketing takes priority, and I agree with that; however, I believe that combining experience and education is a powerful combination.

MBA focus on account management

My MBA mainly focuses on improving client-to-agency relationships so that agencies are more profitable and client relationships are strengthened and sustainable. The field has been extensively studied; however, the gap I am filling is using Chapman's Theory of Love Languages and using that as a basis for building a framework agencies can use.

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